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Modernist look


Residence of the Pearl
of Prince Kiejstut

About the object

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The Perła Księcia Kiejstuta Residence is a luxury apartments in Gdynia, by the Baltic Sea. The investment includes an underground garage with 9 parking spaces with an elevator and a cellar. The apartment buildings were designed in the modernist style of Gdynia in the 1930s. The block was given a unique shape, in addition, an interesting style was achieved using contrasting colors of the facade, crystal-clear white combined with graphite. The stylish four-storey residence houses apartments with a view of the sea and the landscape of Gdynia. On the surface of the object 5 luxury apartments are located, which not only retain their intimate character, but thanks to various amenities they are a place of safe and pleasant rest.
The beach in Orłowo
5 min
Tri-City ring road
5 min
To Gdynia
10 min
To Sopot
10 min
To Gdańsk
20 min

The presentation

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Apartament 70,31 m2

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Apartament 80,57 m2

od 1 200 493 zł
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Apartament 76,68 m2

od 1 142 532 zł
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Apartament 83,14 m2

od 1 238 786 zł
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Worth knowing

ul. Płocka 5A, 81-535 Gdynia

+48 502 384 353, +48 502 384 363

Pon-Pt - 9:00 to 17:00