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The Perła Księcia Kiejstuta Residence is a luxury apartments in Gdynia, on the Baltic Sea. The investment includes an underground garage with 9 parking spaces with an elevator and a cellar. The apartment buildings were designed in the modernist style of Gdynia in the 1930s, thanks to which these luxurious apartments perfectly combine modernity with history. The block was given a unique shape, in addition, an interesting style was achieved using contrasting colors of the facade, crystal-clear white combined with graphite. The stylish four-story residence houses luxury apartments with a view of the sea and the landscape of Gdynia.

The proximity of many seaside attractions makes the apartments in Gdynia for sale a great proposition for everyone who wants to take full advantage of the attractions available at the Polish seaside. The apartment buildings we offer are located in one of the most prestigious parts of the Tri-City, on the border of Mały Kacka and Orłów.
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The Perła Księcia Kiejstuta Residence was located in a quiet building at 10 Kiejstuta Street, on the border of Orłów and Mały Kacka - which, it is worth mentioning, is one of the most prestigious, architecturally attractive and recognizable due to the wealth of villas and unique apartments in the Tri-City area. The luxury apartments have blended into the Tri-City Landscape Park located a few meters away, creating a harmonious, amazing composition."

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Apartament 70,31 m2


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Apartament 80,57 m2

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Apartament 76,68 m2

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995 306 zł

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Apartament 83,14 m2

1 155 646‬ zł

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